A Life of Illustration


Pierre Joubert (June 27, 1910 - January 13, 2002) was a French illustrator.
He was closely associated with the creation of Scouting and the popular look of Boy Scouts in France and Belgium.
Pierre Joubert was born in Paris.
Joubert was a young Scout himself, and attended the École des Arts Appliqués in Paris.
His first amateur drawings appeared in Scouts de France in 1926. He graduated to the magazine L'Illustration in 1927 through 1934, but continued increasingly to focus on Scout-centered art in Scouting publications.
Joubert also was an illustrator of calendars, handbooks, boys' adventure novels, particularly the Signe de Piste (Trail Sign) line (where he worked with René Follet).
The style of Joubert's illustrations depicted idealized boys experiencing the glories of Scouting and comradeship.
Joubert is considered, owing to his eye for trend and his mass-market exposure, to have had reflective influence on boy-culture in France from the 1930s until the close of the 1960s.
Joubert had his controversial side; in the 1940s, the Nazis banned all French Scouting but through Vichy; thus, Joubert worked with the Vichy regime.
He also did work for some right-wing Catholic journals and, as with any artist, the particulars of his patrons have been imputed to him.
Not long before his death, Joubert produced a large volume of memoirs and reprinted art, Souvenirs en vrac. He died in La Rochelle at age 91.

Une Vie d'illustration
Pierre Joubert 

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'Signe de Piste'
(Signs on the Path) 


'Signe de Piste'
(Signs on the Path) 
Pierre Joubert

'Le Livre de la Jungle'
(The Jungle Book)
'The History of Mowgli'
Pierre Joubert

The Jungle Book (1894) is a collection of stories by British Nobel laureate Rudyard Kipling.
The stories were first published in magazines in 1893–94.
The original publications contain illustrations, some by Rudyard's father, John Lockwood Kipling. Kipling was born in India and spent the first six years of his childhood there.
After about ten years in England, he went back to India and worked there for about six-and-half years. These stories were written when Kipling lived in Vermont.
The tales in the book (and also those in The Second Jungle Book which followed in 1895, and which includes five further stories about Mowgli) are fables, using animals in an anthropomorphic manner to give moral lessons.
The verses of The Law of the Jungle, for example, lay down rules for the safety of individuals, families and communities.
Kipling put in them nearly everything he knew or "heard or dreamed about the Indian jungle." Other readers have interpreted the work as allegories of the politics and society of the time.
The best-known of them are the three stories revolving around the adventures of an abandoned "man cub" Mowgli who is raised by wolves in the Indian jungle.

The Jungle Book, because of its moral tone, came to be used as a motivational book by the Cub Scouts, a junior element of the Scouting movement.
This use of the book's universe was approved by Kipling after a direct petition of Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouting movement, who had originally asked for the author's permission for the use of the Memory Game from Kim in his scheme to develop the morale and fitness of working-class youths in cities.
Akela, the head wolf in The Jungle Book, has become a senior figure in the movement, the name being traditionally adopted by the leader of each Cub Scout pack.

Mowgli et les loups
(Mowgli and the Wolves)
Pierre Joubert 

'Mowgli et le Peuple Singe'
(Mowgli and the Monkey People)
Pierre Joubert

Pierre Joubert

'Yug' - 1975
Pierre Joubert

Larigaudie, Guy [1908-1940] (pseudonym for William Larigaudie Boulle). 1934
The first story written by Guy de Larigaudie (see right) is that of Yug, a boy who lived thousands of years ago. A boy from a very different time, but still very near to that of today.
A boy who fought every day to stay alive, but who felt feelings similar to our own.
A boy who had to defend himself against water, fire, wild beasts... and men.
A boy similar to all boys of the world since the earth has turned around the sun.

'Rhoor l'invincible' - 1945
Pierre Joubert

'Les révoltés d'Aramanthe'
Pierre Joubert 

'La Tache de Vin'
Pierre Joubert 

Pierre Joubert 

'Jeune Pirate'
(Young Pirate)
Pierre Joubert

'Garçon sur un Cheval'(Boy on a Horse)
Pierre Joubert

'Prince égyptien'
(Egyptian Prince)
Pierre Joubert

'La mort d'Eric'
(The Death of Eric)
Pierre Joubert 

'Forest Fire'
Pierre Joubert

'Crossing the River'
Pierre Joubert




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